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Protect Your Crypto from Price Drops


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Bumper is a unique DeFi protocol which protects your crypto assets from the volatility gremlins. It’s the weird science that gives you crypto invincibility.

BUMP token holders can take protection, earn stablecoins for providing liquidity, or stake for awesome rewards.
About the BUMP Token
Crypto Defender

Protect your wallet at all costs, using only your wits, skill and the Bumper crypto protection dApp. See how Bumper works to protect using real data.


Gnarly Design

Bumper’s sophisticated architecture means users interact with automatically rebalancing pools, with multi-level risk management features and hardcore yield farming programs that even Randolf and Mortimer would be proud of. 

The Bumper protocol features a virtual near-zero slippage engine for swaps. It’s a kind of magic to save you from losing your head.

But wait… there’s more. 

What makes Bumper even more wicked-cool is that Bumpered Assets (bAssets) will be tradable*, and because they have their price protected, it’s crypto but with the downside volatility removed. 

*Fungibility won't be available in the first release

Potential Use Cases of Bumpered Assets

Rad dApp

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Nobody puts Bumper in the corner

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