Harness Volatility

Harness Volatility

Harness Volatility

Leverage AI to Make CRYPTO Gains in Any Market Direction



99% floor at current wstETH price



99% floor at current wBTC price

Earn up to

Variable APY on USDT deposits

Trade And Protect

Open a position on Bumper by depositing your asset and choosing a protected minimum value. If the asset price goes up, so does the value and you retain your asset. If the price goes below your floor, at the end of your term you can exit with stablecoin and accumulate more assets at a lower price. Or pocket the stablecoin and preserve the value of the assets held.

However volatility affects the price, with a Bumper position you can gain on the ups, and downs.

Bumper position profit zones




Generate yields by putting your stablecoins to work. Bumper provides a secure and efficient platform to earn passive income, allowing you to make the most of your stablecoin holdings and grow your wealth.

Earn Stablecoin Yield with Bumper

Bumper is a revolutionary AI-powered pooled risk market.


Bumper's core function is a pooled risk market . On one side, users hedge crypto assets by choosing a term and locking in a floor price. Through active rebalancing mechanisms the protocol ensures the chosen minimum value is preserved at the end of the term.

On the other side of the market, users deposit stablecoin liquidity to balance the protocol and earn a yield derived from streamia (dynamic premia) paid by protection takers.

AI Optimisation

Bumper's AI integrations include three key tech stacks: Price Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, and Technical Analysis. Supported by Agent-Based Modelling, these functions boost protocol efficiency by 5-25%.

This approach balances lower premiums, higher yields, and solvency robustness, enhancing market insights and decision-making.


Bumper's security measures ensure a safe and transparent DeFi platform. Our robust smart contracts are developed by expert teams and rigorously audited.

Comprehensive full-stack security measures protect both front-end and back-end systems. Bumper also prioritizes economic security, demonstrating resilience through extensive multi-year simulations and real-time analysis, ensuring reliability even in bear markets and 'Black Swan' events.

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