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Defend against price drops

ETH Protection

Bumper is a risk management tool which provides price protection for crypto assets from downside volatility and market crashes. Although Bumper shares some similarities with Stop Losses, Options Desk and insurance policies, there are significant differences in Bumper’s architecture, functionality and approach to managing risk.

Bumper - Protection


Bumper’s unique price protection saves the value of your crypto assets if the market crashes, and you still get gains if it goes back up.

On average, hedging risk with Bumper is 30% cheaper than observed market prices for ETH put options.

Bumper - Earn


Make your stablecoins earn yield by providing liquidity.

Deposit USDC and earn steady yields, ranging on average from 3 - 18% (APR), derived from premiums raised from protection takers.


Up to $250,000 in BUMP Token Rewards

Be an early adopter and share in up to $250,000 worth of BUMP incentives by protecting your crypto or earning yield with Bumper.

To celebrate the launch of the protocol, we want to make it easy for those smart individuals who like to get in early to use Bumper. The first protection takers will cover their premium costs, and the earliest earners will benefit from big yield bonuses.

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Bumper Guide to Crypto Volatility

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