The BUMP Token

BUMP, the native token powering the Bumper Protocol

The network effect of all of Bumper’s price protection market pairs is supported by the BUMP token. Takers buying protection and Makers earning from depositing USDC are required to bond BUMP tokens when opening positions. 

BUMP incentives are distributed to token holders automatically under frequently occurring protocol conditions.
BUMP Token Icon


Taking out protection? You need to bond BUMP tokens. To earn from the protocol you'll also need the token. We've baked the utility of the token right into Bumper to drive more value as the protocol expands.

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In time, the BUMP token will play a role in the governance of the project with holders gaining the ability to participate in decision-making and protocol management as Bumper transitions into a DAO.

Buy BUMP Tokens

Buy BUMP Tokens on Uniswap. BUMP will be available on other exchanges soon. 

TOKEN ADDRESS: 0x785c34312dfA6B74F6f1829f79ADe39042222168

Buy BUMP on Uniswap

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