Crypto Defender

Crypto Defender - Play the game of crypto

The world is being invaded by marauding volatility aliens. You are the pilot of the flagship vessel ‘Bumper’.

Your Mission: Protect your wallet at all costs, using only your wits, skill and the Bumper crypto protection dApp. Be the hero of the hour and come out with the highest score.

You could be crowned champion Crypto Defender.

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Defending your wallet means going back in time in crypto history. Use the Bumper dApp to save your crypto from raging volatility, and then return back to the future to see your score.


How to play

1. You start with 10 ETH. 

2. Choose how much of your ETH you want to protect.

3. Decide on your protection floor (from 70% - 95%). If the price drops below this level, your ETH is protected at this level. But if it rips, happy days, you get to ride it to the moon.

4. Select your term. This is how long you’re protected for, and affects how much premium you pay.

5. Liftoff… The market simulation does its thing and works out your wallet value and score at the end. 

What's Bumper?

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