Our release schedule outlines the project’s planned set of features, enhancements and integrations, in order to maximise the protocol’s utility for the benefit of users.

Protocol Releases

Breakdown by Classification

Governance v1

Basic decentralised governance via 2/4 multisig for all critical contract functions.


Decentralised governance process published. Changes via Bumper Improvement Proposals (BIP).


Forum for Bumper community discussion relating to matters of governance. Integration of BIP process. Hosted at governance.bumper.fi or similar.

Protocol Visualiser

Public site allowing interested parties to run simplified protocol simulations under different scenarios and settings.

Steering Committees

Establishment of Bumper Protocol Decentralised Governance Steering Committees: General, Economic and Technical. Committee inauguration and first sitting.

Whitelisting v1

Establishment of formal criterion for the inclusion of fungible assets into the Bumper ecosystem. Includes economic, qualitative and strategic scoring.


Introduction of conditions for calling staked BUMP, such as pre-defined operational issues (manual via Governance) and economic stress conditions (automatic via Protocol).

Governance v2

Standalone decentralised governance contract(s) for using all critical system functions, including hash-matching with off-chain proposals. Steering committee election system.

Governance v3

Extension of governance features to support Token-based representation to support BIPs.

Whitelisting v2

Governance approval of supported NFT assets, additional stablecoins and exogenous risk inputs for calculating premiums.

Grants Program

Community grants programme supporting the Bumper ecosystem.

Staking v1

BUMP token staking and rewards for project supporters and enthusiasts. Fixed and Flexible options.

Taking v1

Taker ETH price volatility protection.

Making v1

USDC liquidity mining against ETH price volatility.

Training Wheels

TVL insurance for a range of adverse protocol outcomes for a limited time with the Falkor release. Global and local limits set for TVL and individual positions (removed with Auryn release).

Keeper Network

Protocol state updates via incentivised third parties.

Arbitrage v1

Bilateral out-of-band swaps between protocol pools.

Taking and Making v2

Ability to Cancel positions early with an early termination protocol fee.

Staking v2

Parametric staking rewards converted to be a function of protocol health.

Arbitrage v2

Multi-pool support for pool Arbitrage.

Zerg Rush

Replace non-fungible protocol positions with fungible equivalents.

Parametric Positions

Enhanced protocol pool modulation by unlocking parametric floors, terms and position amounts for Market participants.

Asset Expansion

Expansion of supported DeFi assets and stablecoins available to Takers and Makers.

NFT Support

Support for NFTs in original or fractionalised formats.

Frequent Flyers

Aka “Loyalty Program”. Ability for users to access higher-tier options when taking out Making or Taking positions.

Gasless Transactions

Gasless, or gas-capped transactions for users.

Wrapped CeFi

Support wrapped CeFi assets (e.g. bTSLA/ bAPPLE/ bGOOG), and CBDCs.

BUMP Listing

BUMP token tradable.

Training Wheels

Integration of DeFi Insurance provider for Beta release (e.g. Nsure, InsureAce, Bridge, Nexus Mutual).

Oracle Module v1

Core price oracle module.


Multi-chain deployment for the following EVM-supported blockchains: (i) NEAR (ii) Avalanche (iii) BSC (iv) Fantom. Non-Ethereum mainnet chains may retain risk or security limits at Auryn release.

DeFi Lender Integration

Integration with DeFi lending protocols (e.g. Aave/ Maker/ Compound).

DeFi Derivatives Integration

Integration with synthetic asset protocols (e.g. Synthetix/ Mirror).

Yellow Pages


Application Itegrity

Front-end application integrity checks via cryptographic hashes stored in-protocol.

Application Immortality

Decentralised application hosting: Full Web3 decentralised hosting of user interface files.

Trading Places

Export of protocol risk events to DeFi options protocols.

Foreign Exchange

Reverse integration of Superstability by foreign protocols.

DeFi Alliance v1

Integration with foreign DeFi protocol front-end user interfaces (e.g. Bumper Button on Compound UI).


Digital (cryptographic key) wallet to aggregate user-facing features such as identity management, digital currencies and using Web3 dApps. [PARTNERSHIP]

Selective Disclosure

Integration of future-proof, self-sovereign and fully-configurable privacy solution [PARTNERSHIP].

Institutional Pools

Bumper Market Pools configured for institutional participation.

Legacy Tokenisation

Integration of specific features to support decentralised securities (e.g. Bumpered Security Tokens).

Temple of Gozer

Portal for traditional securities to access algorithmic volatility protection (e.g. CeFi per-user access to DeFi, such as Bumpering CeFi equities).

Oracle v1

Fully modular design. Initial feed from Chainlink.

Risk Module v1

Core risk vector fields: (1) Price Risk from Price History, and (2) Liquidity Risk from Price History and Protocol State.


Fully configurable market mappings via a protocol controller contract.

Oracle v2

Additional price sources and error-correction. +3 to Robustness.


Replace protocol position NFTs with fungible equivalents.


Multi-stablecoin support.

Risk Module v2

Enhanced volatility risk inputs.

Oracle v3

High frequency price signal and support for exogenous inputs.

Level Up

Post-merge deployment on a Zero-Knowledge Rollup.


Interchain communication.

War Games

Permanent economic simulation and automated parameter tuning.

Zerg Strat


Whitelist Criterion v1

Develop criteria and candidate list for additional protected assets.

Risky Business

Added risk vector fields (e.g. sentiment, concentration)

Incentive Efficiency

Parametric staking incentives based on protocol economic health.


Multi-stablecoin support; whitelist stable assets for Makers.

Dire Straits

Design extension for purchase of options by the protocol.

Oracle Criterion

Exogenous risk inputs.

Parameteric Maximalist

Custom protection options like user-defined parameters, dynamic defaults.

Whitelist Criterion v2

NFT insurance criterion for adding assets to the whitelist.

Pop the Bonnet

Addition of fixed rate, variable term option, as well as additional and incentivised claim preferences for participants.