Bumper Simulation Report

Welcome, thrill-seekers, to the edge of the DeFi world - a place where adrenaline and economics converge. We're stoked to roll out the Bumper Protocol Simulation Report, a document two years in the making that's as exhilarating as catching the perfect wave.

In this report, you'll find the gnarly proof that Bumper is more than just a day at the beach - it's a viable, rad alternative that's ready to meet the challenge of the biggest swells in the DeFi ocean - volatility!

  • On average, Bumper Takers paid 9.3% cheaper premia than buyers of traditional put options.
  • During the 2022 bear market, Bumper’s simulation showed a yield improvement of 46.2% for Makers compared to options pricing, without resorting to token incentives.

Wanna ride this point break with us? Grab your board, strap on your leash, and download the Simulation Report. Get ready to taste the sea air of revolution in DeFi.

Simulation Report One-Pager

We've broken down the Sim Report into an abridged version and this one-pager to make it more easily digestible. To get the master view the Full report is still the way to go.

Bumper Guide to Crypto Volatility

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