Bumper Liquidity Provision Program

Become an early supporter and earn BUMP Tokens for providing liquidity to help bootstrap the protocol.

Farm BUMP tokens by depositing USDC and get exclusive access to buy additional tokens


What Next for LPs?

What will happen to my deposit after October 14?

If you deposited USDC during the LP program you will have several options available to you from the October 14 at 12pm UTC.

1. Leave your deposit in and earn even more rewards
Starting Oct 14 you will be able to earn USDC and BUMP rewards from your USDC deposit. Rewards will be paid in 2 week epochs. This means that any deposit which remains in the protocol for the full 2 week epoch will be rewarded a share of the available USDC and BUMP for that period. Read More

2. Use a portion of your deposit to buy BUMP
If you’d like to take the opportunity to purchase more BUMP in the limited Pre-Sale you will be able to do that using a portion of your deposit. This will only be an option until October 21, or until tokens are all sold. Any remaining deposits will continue earning rewards.

3. Buy More BUMP
During the Pre-Sale, from the October 14 - 21, you will have the opportunity to purchase more BUMP tokens. Unlike the LP & Private Sale this won’t be limited to 20% of your deposit. You will be able to use whatever USDC you have available.

4. Withdraw your entire USDC deposit
If you would like to withdraw your USDC and stop earning rewards in USDC & BUMP then you will be able to withdraw the full amount from the protocol from October 14.

What sort of rewards should I expect after October 14?

Deposits into the Bumper Protocol will be held within a Yearn vault and will earn a yield at the prevailing APY. Bumper will be passing this directly on to depositors whose deposit remains in the protocol for an entire epoch. On top of the Yearn interest you will also earn BUMP tokens.

Each epoch there will be an available amount of tokens and these will be distributed amongst liquidity providers. See here for more details.

What if I want to withdraw my deposit?

You can withdraw your deposit at any time after Oct 14. However unless your deposit, or part of it, remains in the protocol for the full epoch you won’t earn any rewards.

Do I get any special Pre-Sale benefits for being an existing LP?

Since you asked, and because we really appreciate our early supporters, yes! We will be giving existing LPs a bonus if you buy tokens in the Pre-Sale. You'll see this in the dApp when you purchase BUMP tokens after Oct 14, 12pm UTC. Unless we've run out!

Existing LPs will also be the only ones who can benefit from the first epoch. Just make sure you keep your deposit in for the full 2 weeks to earn the USDC and BUMP rewards.

About the Program

Bumper protects the price of your crypto assets using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.

Liquidity is essential to the success of Bumper and we recognize the importance of our community in bringing liquidity to the protocol. So, we're bringing the rewards!

From July 14th, supporters were able to deposit USDC into the protocol and yield-farm BUMP tokens. By providing liquidity you're helping to bootstrap the protocol, bringing stability and opening the gateway as we prepare for 'God-Mode'. For supporting Bumper with liquidity you'll earn BUMP tokens.

Becoming a BUMP Farmer also gave exclusive access to buy BUMP tokens. When depositing USDC users were presented with the opportunity to use up to 20% of their deposit to buy the BUMP token. The token price is linked to total deposits and as more liquidity is provided the token price will go up, so earlier depositors will get a best price.

To Keep Up to Date...


The displayed APR in the dApp is calculated based on a token price of $2.40, which would be achieved if the total deposits reached $150m, and in relation to the period of time left in the LP Program.

If the total deposits do not reach $150m then the token price at Public Sale will not reach $2.40.

LPP Rules of Play

1. Token Distribution

To reward our early supporters Bumper will be distributing BUMP tokens. These are tokens that can be farmed and bought. You will receive your full allocation of tokens for the program immediately after depositing.

2. Deposits / BUMP Price Correlation

The BUMP token price is correlated to the deposits and, therefore, will increase as deposits increase. APR figures have been determined in conjunction with modeling the price-to-deposits calibration, and the allocated BUMP token emission rate. The token price started at $0.60 and will increase to a maximum price of $2.40 if the total deposits reached $150m.

If the total deposits do not reach $150m then the token price at Public Sale will not reach $2.40. You can, however, view the current token price and potential Public Sale price here.

3. USDC Lock-up

The protocol requires that USDC deposits are locked up until October 14th 2021, 12pm UTC. At this point you will have the opportunity to leave your deposit in the protocol and continue earning, withdraw your deposit or use them to buy BUMP tokens.

4. BUMP Unlock

Earned and bought BUMP tokens will be unlocked at the time of the IDO. At this point they will be tradeable.

5. BUMP Supply Limited

There are a limited number of BUMP tokens to be bought and earned. Depositing early ensures you become a BUMP token holder.

6. Program Timings

The Program started on July 14th and will run until October 14th.

7. APR Calculation

The displayed APR is calculated based on the maximum price of $2.40, which would be achieved if the total deposits reached $150m (see question 2), and in relation to the period of time left in the LP Program. Your final token purchase price, and hence your APR, will be determined when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. If the total deposits do not reach $150m then the token price at Public Sale will not reach $2.40, and, therefore, this will affect the APR figure previously estimated.

If the total deposits increase at a slower rate than the rate of time until the end of the LP Program, then you might even see the APR go much higher! This is a nice little bit of Game Theory built into the LP Program design.

For more information read our FAQS:

LP Program FAQs

* Yields are estimates only based on achieving an anticipated TVL of $150m and the corresponding Public Sale token price of $2.40. The token price and corresponding APR will be determined when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Due to the Bumper Liquidity Provision Program’s structure, initial purchase values operate on a scaling basis and as a result, the final amount of $BUMP tokens received is subject to an algorithmic increase as the value locked in the protocol increases.

See Terms & Conditions.


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