Beat the Market

Bumper unlocks opportunities for traders to always beat the market, regardless of where we are in a market cycle or the direction the market moves.

Redefining PnL

Trading with a protected price floor allows you to be a master of volatility. With each Hedge position you are simultaneously in the market with unlimited upside and you have your position value protected by a floor price to the downside.

Benefit from Positive PnL opportunities in market upward swings and when downside volatility plays out, use the returned stablecoins to accumulate and generate HedgedPnL.

Chart going up

Trading Strategies

Bumper Premiums

Bumper premiums work differently to virtually all other financial products in both the traditional and crypto markets. They are designed to be provably fair, price-efficient and represent good value compared to other risk markets.

Bumper’s premiums are applied to Hedge positions regardless of whether they close above the floor, or claim stablecoins in the event of finishing below the floor.

The premium is calculated dynamically based on a range of factors, including the measured volatility during the period the position is opened.

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