Bumper Protocol

DeFi Price Protection Protocol

Using Bumper is a bit like a God-Mode cheat code for your crypto assets.

We're not saying it's cheating, but it sure feels like it.

The first ability, and probably the most powerful, is Crypto Invulnerability. Protect your crypto with Bumper and the price won't drop below the price you set, even if the market crashes. But unlike a Stop Loss if the market pumps, your asset rises too! 

Then there's Crypto Power-up. By depositing your assets you get exposed to the impressive earning potential of being a DeFi Liquidity Provider (LP). Bumper LPs earn a yield from the platform, making money from the premiums paid by users taking out protection. Earning loads of money is like powering-up, right?

Both Protecting and Earning reward you with the native token $BUMP.

Read our Flashpaper, Medium article, or watch our product walkthrough below to get a taste of how it works.

Bumper Protect Crypto Chart - ETH