Stake BUMP

Staking provides BUMP token holders a way to support the protocol. Stakers will earn a variable yield, paid in BUMP, by locking in their BUMP.
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5,000 BUMP Rewards per Day

5,000 BUMP per day will be issued proportionally among stakers, according to how many BUMP are staked, and what type of stake is chosen.

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Staking Types

Flexible Staking

Staking under the Flexible option means you can jump ship whenever you feel like a dip in the ocean. However, it’s a long way down, and there’s a cooldown after you press the eject button.

1x reward multiplier
10-day cooldown period
BUMP Re-staked if not claimed within 2 days

Fixed Staking

A Fixed Term Stake of BUMP locks tokens into the protocol for a fixed time period. Fairly self-explanatory really. The interesting bit is that you get a bonus for choosing fixed, and the longer the term, the bigger the bonus.

Fixed term:
30 days = 1.5x reward multiplier
60 days = 2.75x reward multiplier
90 days = 6.0x reward multiplier

Claimable at the end of the term.