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Bumper Your Crypto

Bumper Your Crypto

Bumper Your Crypto

Hedge Your Crypto Assets On Arbitrum with a Protected Floor Price


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Bumper is a revolutionary AI-powered pooled risk market.

Users on one side hedge their crypto assets by locking in a floor price for a set term. Using AI, the protocol intelligently balances the protocol ensuring that the chosen minimum value is preserved at the end of the term. This allows protection from downside price movement, and an opportunity to accumulate the assets at a lower price.

On the other side of the market, users deposit stablecoin liquidity to balance the protocol and earn a yield derived from dynamic premiums (streamia) paid by protection takers. Market sentiment analysis and investor behaviour feeds our LLM to optimise the streamia.

Bumper leverages AI to maximise your crypto returns by mastering volatility.

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With Bumper you can trade crypto more confidently and flexibly with a protected downside.


Beat the Market

Trade on volatility to outperform the market. Harness the dynamic nature of crypto and capitalise on price swings by setting a fixed price floor.



Preserve Your Capital

Leverage our innovative risk management tool to safeguarding your investments against unforeseen downturns and minimise potential losses. Bumper provides peace-of-mind for crypto Hodlers, DAOs, capital and reserves.

Premiums from 0.03% per day


Stablecoin Yields

Generate reliable yields by putting your stablecoins to work. Bumper provides a secure and efficient platform to earn passive income, allowing you to make the most of your stablecoin holdings and grow your wealth.




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