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Bumper Your Crypto

Bumper Your Crypto

Bumper Your Crypto

Bumper is a DeFi risk management tool which provides trading opportunities and price protection from market volatility.

Bumper allows you to trade crypto more confidently and flexibly with a protected downside. Although Bumper shares some similarities with Stop Losses, Options Desk and insurance policies, there are significant differences in Bumper’s architecture, functionality and approach to managing risk.

The Bumper Trading Competition

To get traders and HODLers familiar with Bumper and its ability to maximise revenue we're running a trading competition. Participants will take our Hedge or Earn position using the Bumper protocol to generate revenue. Prizes will be rewarded based on the trader's Profit and Loss over a defined period.

Full details will announced shortly, along with prizes that are up for grabs. Register to get notified.

6 Bumper Trading Strategies

Join our Trading Competition to Win Prizes for beating the market and maximising trading revenue

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