A superior alternative for crypto options traders

Try Bumper, experience a new way to hedge risk and get BUMP token rewards

Traditional hedging tools, such as options, are complex, expensive and ill-suited for blockchain implementation.

Bumper leverages the power of DeFi to be simpler, more cost-efficient and accessible alternative to options, and we want you to try it out and see how it compares.

If you've used crypto Options in the past and you take out a position (Protect or Earn) on Bumper before 5 October at 12pm UTC, we’ll reward you with extra BUMP tokens.

Rewards are in addition to the early user incentives and may well mean effectively a ‘fee-free’ protection. All you need to do is register your wallet address and meet the qualifying criteria.

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Special rewards for users of:

How Bumper Works

Bumper is a two sided peer-to-pool risk market which offers effective defense to protection takers who want to guard their assets from price drops.

Protect with confidence

With Bumper, you simply choose a price floor (similar to a strike price) for your crypto assets and a protection term (like an expiry date). If the market crashes, your asset's value will never fall below this floor. However, if the market surges, your asset's value rises with it.


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Cheaper protection:

Bumper’s unique crypto price protection is on average around 10pp cheaper than buying a put on a crypto options platform.

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No upfront capital

Whereas most crypto options platforms require users to navigate complex contracts and often demand significant capital upfront. Bumper, on the other hand, offers a streamlined solution that eliminates these barriers.

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Simple and efficient

No more Greeks, delta hedging or complicated premium calculations to work through, just a simple interface that eliminates all the guesswork and which minimises risk and maximises profit.

Comparison of annualised premiums on Bumper versus Black Scholes market premium. Consider also that options platforms charge a fee above Black Scholes.

Earn Real Yield

Bumper provides a sustainable way for liquidity providers to earn yield by depositing stablecoins and assuming some of the risk from buyers of protection.

With highly attractive real yields, and additional token incentives, Bumper on average generates enhanced returns compared to options desks.Bumper delivers enhanced yields even during bear markets. Using real historic data during the 2022 bear market, and found that that Bumper would have delivered a significantly higher yield for put sellers compared to options desks.

Bumper’s ‘Earning’ feature finds itself in the consideration set alongside low risk yield farming activities such as Stablecoin Staking, Liquidity Mining, but delivers the possibility of a higher Real Yield return.

Special Rewards for DeFi Options Protocol Users

If, in the 12 months prior to 23 August 2023, you've opened a put or call option on Ribbon, Opyn, Premia, Lyra, Hegic or Deribit and you're amongst the first to use Bumper we’ll reward you with a share of 200,000 BUMP tokens. See below for details and conditions.

200,000 BUMP Token Rewards

We're offering 200,000 BUMP Tokens for crypto Options users who create their first position in the Bumper protocol.

Users who create a position in week 1 will receive a share of 80,000 BUMP Tokens, proportional to their position size. Rewards diminish each week until 5 October 2023.

Reward Pools:

Week 1 (ends 14 Sep 12pm UTC) - 80,000 BUMP Token Pool
Week 2 (ends 21 Sep 12pm UTC) - 60,000 BUMP Token Pool
Week 3 (ends 28 Sep 12pm UTC) - 40,000 BUMP Token Pool
Week 4 (ends 05 Oct 12pm UTC) - 20,000 BUMP Token Pool

Qualifying Criteria & Details

  • Must have previously used Options protocols Hegic, Opyn, Premia, Lyra, Ribbon or Deribit.

  • Must have bought (or sold) a put or call option between 24 August 2022 and 23 August 2023 (UTC).

  • For decentralised protocols, must use the same wallet with Bumper as was used with the put or call option on the other protocol.

  • For Deribit, you'll need to show a valid transaction in your Transaction Log (From your Deribit Account). Please upload a screenshot or provide a link to a hosted screenshot.

  • Positions must be created before the deadline for that week to qualify for that week's rewards.

  • BUMP token rewards will need to be Claimed from our dApp.

  • Please allow 45 days from the end of the first month for claim notification via email.

  • Bumper position must be created before 12pm UTC on 5 October 2023 (Note: due to postponed launch the end date has been adjusted).

  • Only your first position in the protocol will qualify for rewards.