Defend Against The Downside

Bumper lets you enjoy the gains but stops your wallet getting smashed when the price drops.

Simple and instant crypto protection from market crashes and bear cycles.

Protecting your crypto using Bumper means never having to worry about the market again. Just set a floor, and your wallet’s value is protected at that amount regardless of volatility or price.

When everyone else is panicking, you can confidently free yourself from constantly checking the charts - because whatever happens, Bumper keeps you safe and secure from those pesky bears.

If the price goes up...

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You get to enjoy the upside gains. At the end of your term you retrieve your original tokens. 

If the price goes down...

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The value of your wallet is protected. At the end of your term you get stablecoins at your chosen floor level. 

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Protection from market crashes & bear cycles

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Simple to use & provably fair

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Price-efficient incremental premiums

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No KYC / ID checks

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Secure smart contracts

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Non-custodial Web3 protocol

Up to $250,000 in BUMP Token Rewards

Be an early adopter and share in up to $250,000 worth of BUMP incentives by protecting your crypto or earning yield with Bumper. To celebrate the launch of the protocol, we want to make it easy for those smart individuals who like to get in early to use Bumper. The first protection takers will cover their premium costs, and the earliest earners will benefit from big yield bonuses.

Bumper Guide to Crypto Volatility

How crypto holders will benefit using Bumper

With Bumper, you never have to fear the dips - so you can sleep easily knowing your stash is secure. Bumper’s novel and groundbreaking Web3 protocol is the ideal hedging solution for crypto newbies, DeFi degens and everyone in-between.

Suitable for a wide range of trading strategies and usage-cases.

What makes Bumper different

There are few ways to hedge against downside volatility, and the existing tools are limited.

Stop losses...

protect you from downside drops, but you lose out if the market rebounds after triggering your stop. Plus, you don’t always get filled at your requested price.

Put options...

requires capital up-front, has opaque pricing and is highly complicated, putting most users off. Options also don’t protect your actual tokens from volatility.

Crypto insurance...

protects you in the case of smart contract hacks or vulnerabilities, but doesn’t stop you losing value if the price of an asset goes down.

Bumper protects your actual tokens from downside price moves. Use your Web3 wallet to commit the tokens to Bumper’s DeFi protocol, and you’re protected.

And there’s so much more… which you’ll learn by signing up for updates below…

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