Earn Rewards

Get more out of your stable coins while supporting the Bumper protocol

Deposit USDC into the Bumper protocol and earn farming rewards in USDC. Just leave your deposit with us for the full two week epoch to receive your rewards. Kinda like giving your USDC a holiday in the sun. Epochs renew every two weeks, although you can withdraw your funds at any time.

For the time being we’re not only passing through the Yearn yield for your deposit, but also bonus interest… on us! This will deliver a ‘better than Yearn’ return.
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137,000 BUMP Token Rewards

During each 2 week epoch we will distribute over 137,000 BUMP tokens to depositors - with a Pre-Sale value of nearly $150k. Just make sure you enter before the epoch starts, and remain in until the end.

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USDC Rewards


100% of the yield earned from the Yearn USDC vault will be distributed to eligible LPs for the epoch. Plus bonus interest, making rewards 'better than Yearn'.

2 week epochs

2 Week Epochs

Reward epochs run on a rolling two (2) week schedule. Each epoch begins as one ends, every two weeks.

How does it work?

Deposit USDC into the Bumper protocol and earn USDC rewards. Rewards are calculated over a two week period - an epoch.

Just deposit USDC in the Bumper dApp before the start of the epoch and keep your money in till the end of the epoch and receive your USDC rewards. The reward is proportional to your minimum holding during the epoch.

You're free to deposit and withdraw whenever you wish, but rewards will only be calculated on the minimum amount held in the protocol over the 2 week epoch.