Public Sale

Opens December 09, 12pm UTC

Join the Token Sale

We are offering supporters the final chance to buy the BUMP token directly from the protocol before listing. The Public Sale will open on December 09, 2021 at 12pm UTC. Our token sales have been heavily subscribed, raising $17.5m so far and in the Public Sale we have 7.5m tokens (3.0%) available. We're excited to launch the Public Sale and grow our community of protocol users and Bumper supporters.

If you want to be able to protect the price of your crypto when Bumper launches... you'll need $BUMP.

Bumper Protects the Value of your Crypto

Bumper Protection Chart

You need to protect your crypto from market crashes.


Pick a price floor that you don’t want your asset to fall below.


If it drops below that level, the value will be protected.


And, if the price goes back up, you'll ride that pump without lifting a finger.

BUMP Token Icon

Token Utility

To take out protection, when Bumper goes live, you'll need BUMP tokens. To earn from the protocol you'll also need the token. We've baked utility of the token right into the protocol to drive more value as the protocol expands.

Governance Icon


In time, the BUMP token will play a role in the governance of the project. As we move toward making the protocol more decentralized, eventually becoming a DAO, token holders will be vital to the health of the project.

Future Icon

Project Future

We've got big plans for the application of the protocol. Protecting the crypto in your wallet is just the start. We're talking about using Bumper within lending, going long on leveraged futures, NFTs... who knows where it could go.

 Token Sale Details

Opens December 09, 2021, 12pm UTC

 Token Price

IMPORTANT: The BUMP token will not be available to purchase anywhere other than Tokensoft and until IDO there are no unlocked tokens. Crypto is a dangerous jungle of hackers, gamers and cylons so be vigilant. For all terms and conditions about the token sale please check our legal mumbo jumbo.


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