Crypto Risk Managed with Bumper

Navigate the unpredictable crypto seas with confidence.

In the ever-evolving world of crypto, risk management is paramount. Bumper offers a cutting-edge solution to not just manage, but to strategically harness these risks. Our platform gives you unique tools to turn potential pitfalls into calculated strategies.

Strategise and Thrive:
With Bumper, risk management isn't about avoidance; it's about intelligent engagement.

Define your risk parameters and let Bumper transform them into a robust strategy, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the crypto game.

Explore Bumper

Open a position in Bumper by depositing ETH, choosing a price floor and a term length. Then...

If the price goes up

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You get to enjoy the upside gains. At the end of your term you retrieve your original tokens. 

If the price goes down

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The value of your wallet is protected. At the end of your term you get stablecoins at your chosen floor level. 

There is no solution quite like Bumper anywhere else in the world which is suitable for use by everyone, from retail newbies to professional traders. Step into the Bumper dApp and be proactive in your approach to crypto risk management.

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Protection from market crashes & bear cycles

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Simple to use & provably fair

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Price-efficient incremental premiums

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No KYC / ID checks

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Secure smart contracts

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Non-custodial Web3 protocol

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Is Bumper safe to use?

Bumper has been fully audited, and the team behind the protocol are self-doxxed. The protocol has been in development for 3 years, and was backed by over $20M in early stage funding from private and public sales which included top VC investors.

Bumper’s first priority is an unwavering commitment to providing a safe, transparent, and innovative platform for crypto enthusiasts. Experience the future of crypto risk management with confidence and peace of mind.

Smart Contracts
We have engaged with some of the best teams in the world to work with us to create the most secure and robust smart contracts, and we’re meticulous about ensuring the resilience of our contracts. Our smart contracts have also been audited at various stages by leading smart contract auditors such as WatchPug, Blockhunters, Chainsulting and Sigma Prime to perform rigorous security reviews on Bumper’s smart contracts to ensure the safety of users funds whilst using the protocol.

Codebase Security
Bumper's commitment to security extends beyond smart contracts. We implement comprehensive full-stack security measures that encompass every aspect of our platform.

Security of Funds
Economic security is paramount in the decentralised finance space, and Bumper is no exception.

Bumper is designed to thrive in all market conditions, including bear markets and 'Black Swan' events. Our extensive multi-year simulations span many months and use historical price data supplied by trusted third parties. These simulations show that Bumper maintains total solvency, and excels in challenging market scenarios, without ever facing any threat of insolvency. Furthermore, we continue to run simulations to understand the market in real time.

Furthermore, Bumper is secured by it’s requirement for bonding BUMP to use the protocol, which acts as a major deterrence against would-be attackers.

Do I need to sign up or verify my identity?

No. Bumper is a DeFi protocol. There is no sign-up required. Just connect your Web3 wallet and you can use Bumper.

How much does Bumper cost to use?

Bumper’s premiums are charged dynamically based on the volatility in the market whilst your term is open. Whilst this may seem strange, it means that premiums aren’t based on historical price action which isn’t an accurate reflection of whether a contract represents good value.

Bumper’s dynamic system for pricing is, on average, much cheaper than buying a like-for-like put on an options desk, such as Deribit.

Premiums are deducted from the deposited crypto tokens which are being protected by users.

There are no premiums charged for those depositing stablecoins.

Protocol fees may be charged, and are shown prior to committing your tokens.

What assets can I use with Bumper

Currently, Bumper allows users to protect ETH only, and liquidity providers can earn a yield by depositing USDC.

There is no limit to the range of tokens which Bumper can be expanded to support in the future.

Is there a simple explainer of how the protocol works?

Of course! Check out our explainer video to find out more about the protocol.

Isn’t Bumper just a Stop Loss?

A Stop Loss places a sell order to an exchanges order book when the threshold is triggered, converting your crypto asset to stablecoins or fiat (assuming the order is filled, which it isn’t guaranteed to be). But if the price rebounds, you end up missing out on upside gains.

Bumper preserves upside gains whilst protecting your wallets value from drops without transferring your tokens to an exchange. Your token isn’t sold when the floor is crossed, unlike when using a Stop Loss.

Isn’t Bumper just a Put Option?

Bumper’s price protection is a novel alternative to the Put Option with significant benefits for both sides of the market.

You can buy a Put option without having to own an tokens. It’s essentially a gamble based on price movements with a fixed premium paid in advance. You either win, and thus can exercise your option (or just take profit), or you lose and are returned nothing.

Bumper protects tokens that you already own, and it’s premiums are calculated dynamically and applied incrementally, based on actual market volatility. When your position is closed you either claim stablecoins to the value of your floor, or you retrieve your original token (minus the premium).

Unlike a Put option, Bumper returns a composable ‘Bumpered asset’ to protection taker. It also allows protection terms to be renewed (extended) if required.

On the other side of the market, yield seekers generate income over time without the need to continually price, write and locate buyer for Put contracts. Bumper’s pooled architecture facilitates earning from multiple different positions even while reducing exposure to losses from individual contracts.